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Today's Backyard Practice (ByP)

2 Ball Corner Wall Drill

Today’s drill works on developing hand eye coordination with both hands!

Equipment List For Today's ByP

Tennis balls

Special thanks to Coach Tim Elliott for today’s Backyard Practice (ByP)!

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On the one hand, most youth baseball coaches (and parents) have great big hearts but old baseball ideas.

  • “Back elbow up.”
  • “Swing down.”
  • “Reach back.”

On the other hand, you have the modern era baseball nuts:

  • “Launch angle.”
  • “Kinetic chain.”
  • “Biomechanical analysis” (for real though)

There’s more “experts” out there touting the next “ultimate” training than you can shake a stick at. Lots of fancy info. But short on results.

Introducing Youth Baseball School (YBS): your one-stop shop for practical baseball instruction you can trust. 

YBS Contributors are time-tested coaches who’ve made a living teaching baseball fundamentals, not buzzwords.

You’ll find courses, drills, practice plans, and ideas covering every aspect of the game inside YBS.

And parents: your player can reach his baseball potential without having to refinance your mortgage to join the travel team. Effective practice, especially at home, is where it’s at.

 Play ball!

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Step 3: Share Your Success

Whatever you put out there will come back to you. The YBS Community is special because generous coaches, parents, and players are inside sharing wins.


Covering all the bases, and we're just getting started. Members get access to all current and future courses.


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It's simple: Jerks are shown the door. YBS consists of generous coaches, parents, and players. We're hungry and humble.


No stalking, sharing nor selling your info to advertisers. Our PRIVATE community is just that: for paying members only.

"There may be people that have more talent than you, but there is no excuse for anyone to

work harder than you do."

-Derek Jeter


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When you buy the team subscription, you get immediate access to all YBS content as the Team Leader. However, you get 15 additional “seats” to assign to your players and assistant coaches. Each seat gets YBS Member Access for as long as you (the Team Leader) remain a YBS Member. So if the Team Leader cancels, all the other team member seats expire as well.

Each team member gets their own YBS Account.  This way each team member can track their own progress within YBS courses and interact with the YBS Community.

How does each team member get their own YBS Account? Simple, you can send an invitation link for members to self register.  Alternatively, you can manually register your team members (you’ll need their email).

Most teams build YBS into their yearly budget (splitting the cost among the team). With an average team of 12 players, that’s under $25/player for an entire year of YBS access! We include the extra 3 seats for assistant coaches.  And if you need a few extra seats on your team, please just let us know. We won’t nickel and dime you!

We have close to 200 tutorials over 18 courses, but we’re just getting started. We plan on adding many more. Members get access to new courses as they’re released!

Most courses are pre-recorded and viewable on demand. Some future courses will be live when the topic is conducive to the live format.

Indeed you can. Here’s a 30 second video showing how you do this within your own account.

Contributors answer questions within the YBS Member Community as their time allows!

But the best time to ask questions is during our monthly LIVE Q&A sessions!


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