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Players, Coaches, Parents:

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Let’s be honest. Most players get inferior instruction from coaches who have stopped learning.

And the biggest question for those who are learning: Who do I trust?

So many opinions. So many analytics. So many programs. And…biometrics? Players are drowning in information, but starving for wisdom.

You’ve even seen some of these programs do more harm than good, including landing Junior in Dr. Andrew’s office with an injury.

You’re not alone in asking: Is there a simpler way?

Humnowkid! Whether you need to start learning again, or you need to cut through the noise…

Youth Baseball School is your one stop shop for baseball instruction you can trust.

We’ve brought baseball’s best coaches together under one roof. Then we added live interaction and an incredible community. Play ball!

YBS Members Succeed with a proven

3 Step Game Plan

Step 1: Watch Courses

YBS Members get unlimited access to all YBS Courses, the best baseball library on earth! Learn about every aspect of the game from renowned instructors.

Step 2: Attend Live Q&A's

Having the best baseball library is great, but having ACCESS to YBS Contributors is priceless. And access is exactly what you'll get with the Monthly LIVE Q&A!

Step 3: Join the Community

Only YBS Members get access to our online community. Post questions. Share ideas. Gain insight from the most encouraging baseball community on the web.

1. Courses

From Renowned Instructors

2. Monthly

Live Q&A

Video Based

You'll see us. You'll hear us. You can ask questions in the chat box or even be invited on screen live. Hey, important questions deserve real conversations.


The same contributors that create our YBS courses host the Live Q&A's. Get thoughtful answers from well-known coaches you can trust.


Can't be there live? We'll record it for you, complete with time-stamps so you can jump ahead to the questions that interest you the most.

3. Community

This ain't your dad's forum.

Pick me up

Basically we built our own Facebook for YBS members. Post questions. Send messages. In short, give and get help.


No stalking, sharing nor selling your info to advertisers. Our PRIVATE community is just that: for paying members only.

"There may be people that have more talent than you, but there is no excuse for anyone to

work harder than you do."

-Derek Jeter



With pricing as low as $1.56/mo, YBS’s collection of resources from experts you can trust makes it the absolute best baseball instructional value on the planet.

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Private Instruction (Average)
$2,400 / year

Actual Cost of Buying all 18 YBS Courses Separately

Youth Baseball School
Starting at $1.56/mo

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$ 19 Per Month
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frequently asked questions

We have close to 200 tutorials over 18 courses, but we’re just getting started. We plan on adding many more. Members get access to new courses as they’re released!

Most courses are pre-recorded and viewable on demand. Some future courses will be live when the topic is conducive to the live format.

When you buy the team subscription, you get immediate access to all YBS content as the Team Leader. However, you get 15 additional “seats” (so to speak) to assign. Each seat gets YBS Member Access for as long as you (the Team Leader) remain a YBS Member. So if the Team Leader cancels, all the other team member seats expire as well.

Each team member gets their own username and password.  This way each team member can track their own progress within YBS courses, interact with the community, and much more in the future.

How does each Team Member get their own username and password? Simple, you can either send out the invites straight from your YBS Member Account (they click on the invite link and sign up themselves).  Or you can manually sign them up yourself (you’ll enter a username and password for them, then send it to them).

Many teams build YBS into their yearly budget (splitting the cost among the team). With an average team of 12 players, that’s under $25/player for an entire year of YBS access.  We include the extra 3 seats for assistant coaches.  And if you need a few extra seats on your team, please just let us know.

We’ve spent a great deal of time getting the Team Membership functionality up and running. If it helps more players, coaches, and parents, it was worth every second. 

Indeed you can. Here’s a 30 second video showing how you do this within your own account.

Contributors answer questions within the YBS Member Community as their time allows!

But the best time to ask questions is during our monthly LIVE Q&A sessions!


We expect the YBS membership price to increase over time (as the value will increase substantially), but your subscription price is locked in for as long as you’re a member.

Note: If you cancel your membership, you’d lose your price lock. You can join again no prob, but at the future’s going rate.

100%. SSL encryption is used throughout the site. Payments are handled via Stripe and PayPal.

 Sure, within 30 days of purchase. Renewals are non-refundable.

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