Effective Parent Communication

Learn how to make small changes consistently over time in order to reach your biggest dreams.

“I am happy to talk about playing time” and other counterintuitive ideas about Effective Parent Communication: 

Let me start with a bombshell.  My most recent baseball coaching job was a three-year stint at a small Public High School with a strong academic reputation and a stronger reputation for parental “involvement.” The baseball program was almost literally extinct.  For reasons that I will share another time, I thought this was the perfect job. I applied. I got the job. And in three years as the Head Coach, I got zero complaints about playing time or alleged unfair treatment.

How is that possible?

I sent 400 emails in three years.  

I know.  When my assistant coach told me that last year, I didn’t believe it either.  But I checked the records and if we count the replies to replies, that number is right on.  

400 emails in three years.  

If you came to this course thinking that you need to send 125 emails a year, have no fear, you do not.


If you came to this course thinking that communicating with parents is not part of your job, I am hoping to change your mind.  I think one of the best ways to build a successful program is to enroll the parents on your quest. And I think the best way to do that is with communication.  Crystal clear communication that is: early, often, effectively, proactive, and reflective. 

This is a course about how you can improve your parent communication 1% every day.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Philosophy on effective parent communication as a coach
  • Tactical approaches to making parent communication more effective
  • Email templates and examples.

About Joe Ferraro

Coach Ferraro is a teacher and HS baseball coach of 20+ years who has interviewed dozens of the best leaders in the world on his podcast, One Percent Better. Joe’s passion is helping people leverage small changes in mindset, language, and behavior in order to get life-changing results.

Joe is also the cohost of KWB Radio and speaks to coaches, business leaders, and players around the nation on the topic of leadership.

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