Guide to Commanding Location

Learn why location command trumps velocity, then discover how to develop it! 

What happens when every MLB team has a bullpen full of pitchers that throw 95mph? Every pitcher below the major leagues thinks velocity is the secret key to success.

But anyone who’s been around the game knows it’s not. Straight velocity (with the exception of the very top velocities at every level) will consistently get rocked by good hitters.

So what separates the elite from the masses if it’s not velocity? Is it movement? Pitch selection? Smarts? Command?

Coach Dustin Pease puts it this way:

The location and execution of the pitch you throw is the most important aspect of getting the hitter out.  Pitching accuracy is the greatest attribute a pitcher may possess in terms of success.

Dustin Pease, Founder of Lokation Nation

If you’re ready to discover the motor that drives your ability to throw pitches to desired targets, and how your brain executes that action at optimal levels, then this course is for you.

Course Highlights

  • Applies to all skill levels, from 8U players trying to get the ball over the plate to MLB players trying to clip the corner with a backdoor curveball.
  • Why your mindset doesn’t allow you to have control, let alone command.
  • When it comes to true command, it comes down to accountability – and you don’t have nearly enough.
  • How an umpires perspective can change the way you see the strike zone, and your ability to establish it.
  • A scientific explanation by Jason Shen, who holds his Masters in Biology from Stanford University, explaining the Neuro-Science behind Myelin in the brain, Myelination, repetition, and its effects on movement potential, efficiency, and execution.
  • How certain levers within your pitching motion may be negatively affecting your ability to control, or command. Also something as simple as your fastball grip can be a negative effect.
  • A detailed look at a Lokation Nation designed strike zone grid, to provide a better visual of exactly how and where you should be executing your pitches on a consistent basis.
  • Why you aren’t visualizing the right things.
  • A 6-week fastball command guide. By the end of the 6 weeks, following the guide closely, you will vastly improve your your consistency in executing locations in the strike zone.

Dustin Pease


Dustin rode a 78mph fastball to a D1 scholarship, and an 83mph fastball to the pros (San Diego Padres). As a result, no one is more committed than Dustin to helping pitchers discover the paradigm shift of location command as a means to success. 

Dustin is the founder of Lokation Nation and Pease Baseball Academy, as well as an author, podcast guest, and speaker.

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