Practice Plan: Plus The Perfect Fielding Drill Progression

Correct bad habits & reduce fielding errors with this simple infield and outfield drill progressions!

This course includes a series of short videos that teach one of the most useful fielding drills I’ve (Doug Bernier) ever come across.

It’s essentially one simple drill that grows with the player.

In fact, while I’ve used this drill progression to teach 7 year olds, I’ll also show you the version I used for myself during my 16 seasons playing professional baseball.

It’s a simple fielding drill that helps to correct multiple bad habits…replacing those bad habits with good technique that will dramatically reduce both fielding AND throwing errors.

These short videos are JAM PACKED with incredible fielding tips, including…

  • Why this common fielding advice about “funneling” might be causing you to make errors
  • How to teach (and maintain) professional-style glove work
  • Pro tips to increase athleticism in fielding
  • The 7 lethal mistakes to avoid… these are some of the most common reasons infielders make embarrassing errors. We’ll talk about what those mistakes are and why this simple drill helps to teach correct technique.
  • 2 types of throwing footwork that are good, and one to always avoid
  • How players can use this drill at home alone, by themselves, or coaches can use it with a whole team
  • An entire practice plan template for coaches
  • Bonus: the 6 Secrets of Elite Infielders

Doug Bernier


Doug Bernier debuted in the Major Leagues in 2008 with the Colorado Rockies, and played professional baseball for 16 years (Rockies, Yankees, Pirates, Twins, & Rangers organizations). He has played every infield position at the Major League level.

In 2012, Doug founded, a platform where MLB and MiLB baseball players and coaches donate their knowledge. Doug lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife and 3 kids, and currently is a pro scout for the Colorado Rockies.

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