Have a player just starting out that needs to learn how to swing from the ground up? This course is made for you!

We’ve broken the swing down into 3 simple components and we’ve made it easy enough for a 5 year old to follow, yet powerful enough for a 15 year old to benefit from. While we don’t believe the swing is 3 or 7 or 12 parts (rather one continuous movement), we do see every successful swing pass through 3 distinct places:

  1. Knob to catcher (load)
  2. Knob to pitcher (launching on plane)
  3. Barrel and release (contact and extension)

Whether you’re a youth coach, a parent, or a player, this is the perfect place to START with building a natural swing!

Tim Elliott


After a successful NAIA career, Tim has been coaching multiple baseball teams (simultaneously) for 25 years! Tim brings a wealth of experience and insight from his experiences as a Varsity coach (Springfield HS, IL State Runner Up in 2016), a Middle School coach (Springfield Christian, IL), and as a little league coach. Tim also brings 20+ years of experience as a full time Elementary Physical Education teacher. This has given Tim a deep understanding of how to teach movement to young athletes, which in turn keeps Tim very busy offering private instruction in between coaching 3 teams! 

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