True or False: “Get the front foot down early.”

When the pitcher is throwing gas, you’ll hear a lot of coaches yelling out this phrase: “Get the front foot down early!”

I’ve said it to my players too, especially when they’re making an emergency swing as the ball crosses the plate.

  • BUT, what do we mean? 
  • And when can this phrase cause trouble? 
  • And is it even true? 
  • And when SHOULD you get your front foot down?

I made a video that I sent to my players (12U) going over these questions.  Thought I’d share it here:


Bottom line, getting your front foot down ON TIME is the key.  Not early, not late…on time.  And if I had to choose between early and late, I’d choose early.  At least the hands can still stay back and hit.  If you’re late it’s a miss.

Have any other ideas that would help everyone out?  Please leave a comment below!

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