“Funnel In” or “Push Through”?

A couple posts ago I went over some things to keep in mind while “funneling in” ground balls. There was a comment that mentioned this as a waste of time. But it’s not.

There is a time to funnel (as the post indicated). And there’s a time to push through.

  • The time to funnel = a long hop that you’re fielding in front of you.
  • The time to push through = any short hop (forehand or backhand) that still allows you to work through the ball (as opposed to a diving play, etc).

What about “in between” hops? Answer: move your feet to create one or the other. As the level of play increases, so does the speed, and so training to close the gap (to create a short hop) is increasingly important.

What about rollers? Funnel in.

Mike Antonelli does a great job (as always) of showing this:

What do you think? Comment below as we’re ALL here to learn!

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