This drill is excellent for young baseball players, but don’t think that you’ll outgrow it.

Even in my 16th season of pro ball, I still used this drill for myself. I didn’t use the cones or the lines, but it’s still basically the same drill none-the-less.

There are a number of mistakes that ANYONE is susceptible to… even seasoned players that know better. This drill is an excellent way to keep yourself sharp and avoid making those silly mistakes in games.

To see the “grown up” version, watch #’s 2 & 3 in the video below called “How to Practice Baseball in Your Yard or Driveway.”

Things to focus on:

  1. Position your legs so you’re open to the baseball
  2. KEEP YOUR GLOVE FULLY OPEN TO THE BASEBALL – This cannot be overstated, especially because most players THINK they’re glove is fully open to the baseball when it’s really not. You may need to physically rotate the player’s glove, or use a mirror or video to show them. Getting the player acquainted with what it FEELS like to do it properly is one of the main points of this drill. It’s also one of the biggest reasons that experienced players should continue to do this drill. It’s easy to get lazy here and think you’re doing this properly when you’re really not. When this isn’t done properly, it’s more difficult to make the play and will lead to more errors.
  3. Get your head down so the ball and glove are both in your line of sight. Don’t stand up tall and reach way down for the baseball.
  4. Keep your glove moving through the ball on the same line it’s traveling. Most kids are doing this wrong until it’s been pointed out to them. Once they try doing it the right way, it will really help make fielding easier and will reduce errors.

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