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Our goal with this course

It’s simple. We know there are so many coaches and parents who just want a solid baseline understanding of how to teach the swing to a beginner.

Or perhaps reteach the swing to an older get that just needs a fresh start or understanding.

Most of the time, coaches and parents actually enjoy knowing the “theory” of a good swing in their own minds, but they know that when it comes to teaching their kids to swing and hit, it has to be simple.

And for that reason, even though we know the swing is one athletic movement, we still break it down into just 3 simple parts for teaching purposes:

  1. Knob to Catcher
  2. Knob to Pitcher
  3. Barrel and Extend

These three phases are more popularly known as (1) the load, (2) the launch, and (3) the swing / extension.

But these words don’t mean nearly as much to a 9U player as knob to catcher, knob to pitcher, barrel and extend. You’ll see what we mean soon!

That said, we hope this course helps as many coaches and parents as possible!

-Tim Elliott (along with Kyle Shultz)