Monday Mentors Episode 1 – Steve Bandura

If you missed our first Monday Mentors episode with Steve Bandura, you absolutely don’t want to miss the recording! Here it is!

On the go, mowing the lawn, working out, etc and just want to listen? Here’s an audio only version:

A native Philadelphian, Steve founded the Anderson Monarchs in 1995 after several years of volunteering at the Marian Anderson Recreation Center. The program quickly became regarded as one of the top youth sports programs in Philadelphia, producing athletes who are as well prepared academically as they are athletically.

Steve’s passion, commitment, attention to detail and desire to innovate have earned him a reputation as one of the top youth sports coaches in America. Steve is the proud father of two children, and lives with his wife and family in Philadelphia.

For more info on Steve, check out this amazing article. You’ll be hugely inspired by Steve’s story.

Steve, you’re an inspiration! THANK YOU for your time chatting with us today. We’ll take your words to heart.

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